Why You'll Love the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue

Why You'll Love the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue

Who is ready for some hootin’ and hollerin’ while dancing along to some great music? There is no better place than Disney to expect quality shows, but throw in some amazing food and we are sold! There are several options at Walt Disney World for these kind of shows, but one stands out above the rest… the Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue!

Located at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, you are in for a night of unlimited delicious BBQ, spectacular performers and pure joy as you join in as part of the show.



As you book this experience, there are 3 categories of seating. Category 1 will be considered the best seats in the house—these are in the middle of the first floor. Category 2 is where we sat and we had a great view and a little bit cheaper of a price. It is the first floor as well, but is the outer rim of the room. Category 3 is the final option and is the cheapest of them all. It is the outer rim of the second floor. The seating is a little odd up top, because your back is towards the stage, but the seats turn fully so you can watch that way. We recommend either category 1 or 2!



The show is pretty much as good as the food! It will have you singing, clapping and joining in throughout your meal. The beauty of the show is it has the perfectly timed breaks while you are eating your food, so it is not too overwhelming trying to take it all in. The performers are superb and incredibly talented. The audience does become involved, so be sure you are prepared in case that becomes you!



And we saved the best part for last. The food here is an all you can eat experience, so eat as much as you want but make sure to save room for dessert!

Upon being escorted to your table, you will find salad and cornbread waiting for you. The cornbread is some of the best we have ever tasted, we even asked for a second loaf. Your waiter will make their way over to you to ask what you would like to drink. It is bottomless drinks, including draft beer, wine and sangria for those over 21 years in age. As none of us are drinkers, we enjoyed root beer which we felt complimented the meal perfectly!

Next up, you will receive your entrees and sides. Your main courses includes fried chicken and BBQ ribs. The fried chicken is some of the best I have ever tasted, I could dream about that fried chicken. The ribs were good, but the chicken was the star dish in my opinion.

The sides included baked beans, corn and mashed potatoes. These sides will vary depending on the season, but all proved to be quite tasty. As you finish dishes, you can ask your waiter for more.

Even though you feel like you are too full for dessert, do not skip it. The strawberry shortcake was the best part of the entire meal. The cake is fluffy and sweet, with a crystal sugar topping and covered in strawberries and cream. It was absolutely delicious!


Additional Information

Now for the boring, but important details. This show occurs typically 3 times a night, the first show at 4:00pm, the second at 6:15pm and the final show at 8:30pm. The 6:15pm tends to book up the quickest, so if you are aiming for that show time, book it early.

The location can prove somewhat tricky to get to. You will use the internal busing system, or take a boat from the Magic Kingdom to the property. The building is called Pioneer Hall and is located next to the stables at the campgrounds. It is recommended you arrive 30 minutes in advance so it gives you plenty of time to find the building and get checked in.

Price will also be variable for this experience based on seating as mentioned above. The typical prices are broken down as (before taxes):

Adults: Category 1- $72; Category 2- $67; Category 3- $64
: Category 1- $43; Category 2- $39; Category 3- $38

You pay the full price in advance and can get a full refund if cancelled at least 48 hours in advance, annual pass discount is available.


Be ready to have an exciting night full of music, laughter and amazing food. And be sure to eat until you are full and then eat even more, the food is just that good!

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