Ultimate Guide: Dapper Day at Walt Disney World

Ultimate Guide: Dapper Day at Walt Disney World

What is Dapper Day?

Dapper Day is a popular "unofficial” days at Disneyland and other Disney parks, including Walt Disney World. Park guests dress up in their vintage clothes from the 1950s or other previous eras. You'll see people all over the park dressed in frilly dresses of Yesteryear, white gloves, and fedoras that would make Mr. Sinatra proud. Being in the park on Dapper Day will magically transport you back to a time when Walt Disney himself would walk through the park.

Now, I realize that Dapper Day would seem to be more appropriate at Disneyland, and not Disney World. But both locations make a perfect backdrop for paying homage to the time when Disney Parks first began–Disneyland 1955. Both places have their pros and cons in my opinion. We have some tips and ideas on how to make the most of your time during Dapper Day.



Get to whichever park Dapper Day is being held at as early as you can. This way you can take all of your pictures before you start your day, when your look is fresh. I promise if you wait to take pictures, you'll be sorry... your rolled curls will have lost their bounce, your makeup will be sweaty, and you'll just be tired! If you're early, you'll also avoid the crowds during your mini photoshoot on Main Street USA.


Photographers, I'm talking to you! This is one of THE GREATEST days of the year to get pictures at the parks.

Whatever style or type of photography you enjoy shooting best, this day is for you. With everyone donning their best vintage wear, just about every nook and cranny of the park will be begging you to take its photo in all its vintage quintessential glory.

Great places to take pictures include the carousel in Fantasyland, the Liberty Belle Riverboat, most of the Disney World railroad stations, and just about any spot on Main Street USA.


3. Choose your footwear wisely 

I know it all your vintage wear you'll be tempted, but please... don't wear heels! You'll most likely regret it. Though, if you do wear heels, just make sure they are very comfortable for walking (i.e. like the character shoes that Jaycee is wearing in the photo above). It's typical to walk more than you think you will at Magic Kingdom.

Also, a little note here: you can get free band-aids at the First Aid Center on Main Street. 



Buying your ticket ahead of time is always helpful. But espeically as Dapper Day is a very popular event, iot's not a bad idea to have previously bought your ticket before the day of.



If your planning on riding every ride that your heart desires on Dapper Day... all power to you! But wearing frilly frocks and hats and things, you may want to skip the fast-paced day filled with FastPasses.

I would suggest taking the day to enjoy ice cream and other treats, get a reservation for somewhere nice to eat, take lots of pictures, and ride some of the traditional rides like the teacups, the carousel, and Dumbo. 



This is were Dapper Day at Magic Kingdom beats out Dapper Day at Disneyland, in my opinion. As Dapper Day began at Disneyland, it's a much more popular event there... which, don't get me wrong, is so fun!

But when it comes to getting some fun attention for being all dolled up in your Sunday best, Dapper Day at Disney World is much more exciting. The event is much newer there, and therefore less people are dressed up. You'll have plenty of guests dressed in their go-go-go sneakers and shorts combo come up to your party and ask why you're all dressed up!


When is Dapper Day?


  • Sun April 22 | Disneyland, California

  • Sat, April 28 | Day 1 at The Magic Kingdom, WDW

  • Sun, April 29 | Day 2 at Epcot, WDW

  • Sat, May 5 | Disneyland Paris

FALL 2018

  • Sat, Sept 15 | Disneyland Paris

  • Sun, Nov 4 | Disneyland CA

  • Sat, Nov 17 | Day 1 at Disney's Animal Kingdom and The Magic Kingdom, WDW

  • Sun, Nov 18 | Day 2 at Epcot, WDW

The official Dapper Day website posts all the dates, if you desire further information.


If you are at all nostalgic, like yours truly, then Dapper Day at any Disney park is for you! 

Let us know in the comments below if you'll be attending a Dapper Day event this year!

Images for this blog post were taken back in Spring 2015, during our Disney College Program. We've stepped up our dapper game since then! But this time was particularly special since it was our very first Dapper Day!

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