Top Tips on Visiting the Parks By Yourself

Top Tips on Visiting the Parks By Yourself

First I’m going to tell you a story about myself. Let’s flash back to four years ago, my Freshman year of college. I had this irrational fear of being by myself, surrounded by people, as a majority of individuals do. You feel like they will judge you for being alone and not having friends. So I never did anything by myself. Well, let’s jump ahead to my time working for Disney.

Having five roommates with very different schedules, there were a lot of times that I was the only person not working. I decided very early into my program that I only had three months to experience this, I knew I was going to take every chance I had to play. This indeed meant I would need to do things ALL BY MYSELF. Say what?! The first few times venturing to the parks by myself were.. Awkward. But after getting used to it, it easily became one of my favorite things to do.

Keep in mind, being alone can be in fact lonely. But it is also very freeing! You can do what you would like and not feel like you are depriving others of what they are wanting to do. Of course I love visiting with people, but I adore going to the parks solo.

First and foremost, let me give you some of the best reasons to go solo:

1. Finding A Spot

Do you know how easy it is to find a spot for a show or parade being one person? I have found incredible viewing spots only 15 minutes before shows. You can’t do that with a group of 5 people.

2.  FastPass+ Availability

Similar to shows, it is much easier to find coveted FastPasses for one person versus five. I have scored some incredible passes the day before I ventured to the parks because I was a party of one. 

3.  Eating Solo is the Best

You can eat wherever, whenever, and how much you would like. If you aren’t hungry and don’t want to slow down, you are free to do that. If you want to eat at every location possible, you can do that as well. An extra tip, if you don’t want a lot of food, order a kids meal instead.

4. Shopping

A lot of the time, merchandise comes at the end of the trip. Being alone, you can go shop as long or as much as you want. Plus no one there to guilt you for spending $70 on a new Alex and Ani bracelet.

5. Many Special Experiences

On a recent trip, I took the Keys to the Kingdom tour in Magic Kingdom. This is a pricey experience and takes a big chunk of your day away. It is easy to work these types of special experiences in when you are solo.


Now, some tips to help you feel get the most out of your park time alone:

1. Talk to people

I can’t stress this enough! Get to know the people you are in line with or sitting by. Talk to the cast members working around you, they love the interaction. Having the chance to meet prince and princesses from around the world was one of my favorite past times. It will help you maintain some sanity while being alone.  

2. Use the single rider line

There are a handful of attractions that have single rider lines available, which help eliminate some of the wait.  

3. Make Your BFFS

Since you are alone, utilize PhotoPass cast members. They will happily take pictures on your camera or phone, or you can purchase memory marker and get a more professional copy of the photo.

4. Meet characters

This is a great way to fill your day when you are alone. Cinderella would love to chat with you about your day. It will keep you sane and is really quite fun in my opinion.  

5. Get Involved Beforehand

Join the Disney community prior to your trip, virtually meet people that are regulars at the parks. Most likely, they love meeting people and spending time with them just as much as you do.

Have you visited the parks solo before? Let us know your favorite thing to do on your own!

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