Top Attraction Queues at Walt Disney World

Top Attraction Queues at Walt Disney World

What makes a good Disney attraction? Is it the great storyline? The overall quality of the ride itself? Well, we Sisters love those things! However, a part is often overlooked by Disney goers. We believe that it plays a critical role in the experience of Disney magic; that is the ride queues.

In the Disney Parks, queues are the areas, either inside or outside, of the attraction where you wait in line to get on the actual ride itself. Normally that would sound like a pretty boring part of the ride because you are literally just standing in a line. However, due to the creative imaginations of Disney Imagineers, some of these queue lines feature amazing magic and activities that add more depth and fun into your ride experience.

To showcase some of these awesome queues, we have put together a list of the top 10 queues at Walt Disney World that we think add that little bit of extra pixie dust to your attraction experience. So let’s get started! 

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train | Magic Kingdom

This recent addition to the New Fantasyland section of the Magic Kingdom boasts one of the most interactive and fun queues at Walt Disney World.

First off, throughout the entire queue there are water misters all along the path which help ease that Florida heat and are a welcome blessing especially during the afternoon. Hello sweet relief!

Secondly, this queue features different interactive games that guests can occupy themselves with while waiting to board their mine car. One activity involves putting your hand under a colored spout where water comes out of it and plays a musical note. Another is a touch screen game where you use your finger to sort gems into their colored wagons as they “float” down a river in the middle of the screen.

These wonderful additions to the queue help make your time spent waiting in line fun and keeps those little ones busy as well.

Flight of Passage | Animal Kingdom

The whole new area of Pandora at Animal Kingdom park completely transports you in the beautiful world of Avatar and the Flight of Passage queue is no exception. While you navigate through caverns hung with vine and moss, you can take in the beautiful and huge banshee mural on the wall of the queue.  When you get inside you come face to face with a incredibly life-like Na’vi Avatar body. This queue brings you deeper inside of the World of Avatar and amps up the hype of the impressive Flight of Passage ride. It also includes a bathroom in the line for those who need a quick restroom break.

Peter Pan’s Flight | Magic Kingdom

If you have ever ventured into Fantasyland at... well any time of the day, Peter Pan’s Flight always has one of the longest wait times in all of Fantasyland. However, recently Disney Imagineers unveiled an interactive queue that brings you out of the sun (praise!) while waiting to board your pirate ship and fly off to Neverland. This queue features a jump into the Darling’s household that features Tinkerbell making mischief as she flies around the room and interacting with objects laying around the nursery. It is a fun diversion to try and find Tink as she zips around the room.

Expedition Everest | Animal Kingdom

Now this queue may not be the most interactive at Walt Disney World but it is definitely the most immersive and authentic that Disney has ever done! Every artifact, structure, and piece of data was researched and acquired by Disney Imagineers when they actually went to Nepal to study legend of the Yeti and the landscape of the real Mount Everest. As you roam through the line, you are treated with pictures, artifacts, and treasures that make you forget that you are waiting in line for a ride. As if that wasn’t crazy enough, right before you get into the loading dock, a room tells the story of a “real” Everest expedition that suffered a monstrous and frightening encounter with an unknown creature and evidence from the trek that bears the scars! Needless to say this definitely gets you pumped for your own expedition up the icy mountain and what you might see hidden inside.

Haunted Mansion | Magic Kingdom

Another of Disney’s interactive queues, the Haunted Mansion offers guests the chance to play among the gravestones of some of its most unique departed occupants. There is an organ to play a ghostly tune and an enchanted bookshelf that puts up quite a fight when you try to push in its books. There are even crypts that might give you a much-appreciated, watery surprise if you stand too close to it. So while you wait for grim grinning ghosts to come out and socialize, have a scary good time while waiting in this spooky queue!

Mission: SPACE | Epcot

If you have ever said when you were a kid that you wanted to be astronaut when you grew up, this ride is the place to live out that childhood fantasy. The queue of this ride alone would make you want to blast off into infinity and beyond like a real astronaut. It includes examples of real astronaut technology like a anti-gravity training wheel and real space suits used in some of the most famous space expeditions. This attraction makes you feel like you are stepping into a real NASA mission control center as you await your mission to Mars with its realistic surroundings and data direct from the scientists at NASA. So get ready to blast off!

Tower of Terror | Hollywood Studios

In keeping with the theme of truly immensive queues, this attraction surely fits in comfortably with its ability to draw you into the story of the ride. Just walking around the grounds outside the looming Hollywood Tower Hotel gives you sense that something creepy is going on but you don’t know just what. It isn’t until you step into the lobby itself that the creepiness fully manifests itself. The Imagineer’s attention to detail here is absolutely incredible. Everytime I ride it, I find some new detail that I hadn’t noticed before that adds more depth to the ride’s overall story.

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster | Hollywood Studios

For anyone who is a die-hard rock and roll fan, this attraction's queue will have you going nuts. Not only are you pumped to speed off with Aerosmith in your super-stretch limo but you also get to check out awesome, authentic rock and roll memorabilia. You will come face-to-face with the members of Aerosmith as they invite you to their concert. After meeting the band, you head out into a back-alley street to await your limousine. Which we think is the best part by far of this queue. While in line, you get to watch guests in their own limousine zoom out of the alley and into the ride itself. I mean talk about building up the momentum!    

Test Track | Epcot

Finally on our list, we go to the newly redesigned queue of this fast paced attraction at Epcot. Test Track recently underwent changes to its story and queue line to make the attraction more about the design of cars rather than the safety tests they go through before they are let out onto the showroom. Now the queue features a look at some amazing, futuristic concept cars that seem too good to be true and how they are being made possible by today’s automotive companies like Chevrolet. Still in the queue, before you even board a ride vehicle, you also get to virtually design your own car and see how it holds up against other concept cars in your vehicle. It is always fun to compete with your group to see who's crazy car creation is best out on the track!

Well that completes our list of the Top 10 Queues at Walt Disney World and I hope that the next time you ride some of these attractions that you can appreciate and have fun with all the magic that Disney Imagineers put into their attractions!

What are some of your favorite Walt Disney World queues?

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