Tips for the Disney Character Performer Auditions

Tips for the Disney Character Performer Auditions

The chance to perform for Disney is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it all starts with a simple audition.

Has your heart ever longed for the rush of the stage and the excitement of bringing a character to life? Mine definitely has! For the Spring 2015 Disney College Program, I accepted a position as a Character Performer. My time was spent working with experienced performers, making friends with several classic Disney characters, and best of all, creating magical moments for many of the guests.

All of these wonderful opportunities that came with this role would not have happened if I had not had a successful audition. *Disclaimer: I am the most uncoordinated, hopeless dancer you will ever meet. But I love acting, bringing a character to life, and telling a story. You don’t have to be the next top choice for Dancing with the Stars to succeed, but you do need something to catch the eyes of the Disney recruiters!

Before you get too nervous about the whole process, I would like to share some tips that I found useful as I was preparing for my own audition.

 1. Go with a friend when possible

I attended the Salt Lake City audition with Taylor, a fellow Disney Sister. Having a friend with me made the experience much more enjoyable and relaxing! Taylor and I also made friends with many of the other performers before our audition actually started. Don’t stress yourself out so much that you neglect to get to know those around you!

2. Arrive Early

Being among the first 50-100 people to arrive will help you stand out to the Disney recruiters who check you in. It will also give you time to relax and focus on having the best experience you can!

3. Wear cute but comfortable clothing

Disney’s webpage on auditions has great guidelines for what to wear. Be sure to look those up and follow them! Also keep in mind that you are trying to make an impression on the recruiters, not seduce them. It’s more than uncomfortable when someone comes in to audition displaying much more of his or her body than what’s needed. For heaven’s sake, you’re auditioning for Disney, not Victoria’s Secret!


I cannot emphasize how important a simple smile is. Through every stage of the audition, be sure to show that smile of yours. If you twirl and kick left when they taught you to do the grape vine (I might have done that…) own that move and smile. The audition is fast paced, and they expect mistakes. Disney is looking for people who know how have fun, even when they may not be doing their best performance. Have you ever seen a Disney performer frown while dancing?  No? I rest my case.

5. Go big or go home

Own every single move you make. Follow through with whatever you start. The bigger the move, the better you tell your story, and the more excitement you show in your facial and body language, the better your chance to become a Disney performer will be.  Among the hundreds of people that attend each audition, your chances of catching the recruiter’s attention will greatly increase if you show confidence in what you do. 

6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

The recruiters that teach you the dance moves and animation rounds love to help anyone who has a question. They really do love to encourage a great audition, and they make it so much fun! Didn’t get that last move? Don’t stress, just ask for them to go over it again! They give plenty of time for that. The more you interact with them and show your sincere personality, the better.

Last of all just remember to have fun!! If things don’t work out the first, second, or even third time you audition, don’t give up. The recruiters are always looking for a certain height when it comes down to everything. Sometimes they need more performers to hang out with Mickey, and other times they are looking for more friends for Goofy.  One time they may not need you, and the next, you’re exactly what they need. So don’t give up. Look at each audition as a magical experience, and a lot will come out of it!

If you guys have any questions about the audition process and what to expect, feel free to ask in the comments below. We would also love to hear from anyone who has any other personal tips! We just ask that we keep everything within character integrity for all the Disney characters. Good luck with all your future Disney auditions! We hope you all have a magical experience!

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