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Forgotten Rides of Disney

With so many things to do at Disney Parks, it’s almost impossible to hit every single ride in one day or vacation. So tough choices have to be made, and often, a lot of rides are skipped over and forgotten.

Disneyland's FastPass: How It Works

Hello again lovely friends! Kat here again coming at you with some more golden Disney knowledge! This blog post is about something that is one of those things that makes Disneyland different than its East Coast counterpart and that is FastPass!

Disneyland Itinerary From a CA Local

Basically, our step-by-step plan for a day at Disneyland Park with tips for which rides we FastPass, best places to eat and when and everything that we do to make the most of our day at Disneyland. Being a Californian myself, growing up and going to Disneyland with my family was something that we did multiple times at year so we developed a bit of a pattern