How to Meet People Before & During Your DCP

How to Meet People Before & During Your DCP

So you've been accepted into the Disney College Program, and you're oh so pumped to be making these dreams of yours comes true, right?! But halt! Who you're going to live with? How are you going to make friends? Making lasting relationships can be one of the most crucial and exciting parts about being a Cast Member during your Disney College Program, in my opinion. 

First questions I get when asked about making friends during the DCP is "should I choose my roommates beforehand or just let it be random?" I truly think that is your decision, because you know yourself best and what you're most comfortable with. It's the luck of the draw either way.

this was one of our first nights, us five and a few cp friends!

this was one of our first nights, us five and a few cp friends!

In my personal experience, the five of us met via Facebook groups, took the chance at living together, and as a result we became fast friends during the DCP, and now are lifetime friends. Our experience is NOT the rule. We were all incredibly  lucky, and we know that. I wish that everyone going to the DCP could have what we do... but the truth is, it's not always that way.

Meet your roommates beforehand on Facebook

If you're hoping to meet some pals online to room with during your DCP, the best way that we've found to do that is through Facebook. Type in "disney college program" or "dcp roommates" into your search bar on Facebook app or website, then search away within those groups that you come across!

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Even if you don't feel like you're finding the right people quite yet, don't get discouraged, remind yourself that there are many Facebook groups with lots of options of other future DCP attendees, and any of them could be YOUR future roommates!

It's also a good reminder to know that pretty much everyone else is in the same boat as you: not knowing anyone to live with, and putting their faith in Facebook to help them find people to live with.

Once you get either a person or a whole group of people you want to live with, you'll still probably feel a little nervous about living with them. And that's normal! You never really know a person until you meet them.

What if I don’t like my roommates?

In my case, my roommates and I all became best friends. I didn’t go into the DCP looking for lasting friendships, especially since I was a few years older than all the roommates, but (almost haha) since check-in day, we became close friends quickly!


On the other hand, I knew CP's who hated their roommates, but still had a blast! And this might happen to you, and it's okay! It's common to take that leap of faith on a stranger and it simply doesn’t work out. They may end up being too loud, too messy, too quiet, too... something. Don't worry, you will have plenty of work friends and other CP's to hang out with.

What if I don't make any friends?

This is always a huge concern when going into the program. Where will you meet people? What are you going to talk about? What will they be like?


All these worries you'll soon realize it's the biggest joke after the first few days! Do you honestly think that you won't make any friends out of the thousands of "Disney people" on your program? My loves, you shall! You all came here in the name of Disney to work at a Disney park to be around fellow Disney people. You already have more things in common than you realize.

If you’re still worried, here are some fun icebreakers: What’s your role or location? Which complex do you live in? Who’s your favorite Disney sidekick? Princess? Villain? Any question Disney-related, you'll most likely be golden!

Bottom line

Nothing I say can stop you from worrying, but I promise you WILL have friends! "And when I promise something, I never ever break that promise." Have a wonderful program and enjoy all that you've been given! Remember, us five gals are just a comment, email, etc. away!

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