How to Make Lasting Relationships with Your DCP Roommates

How to Make Lasting Relationships with Your DCP Roommates

Some of you may be wondering how we ‘sisters’ got so lucky, in becoming such good friends with each other, during our Disney College Programs. While some of it may have been luck, we put a lot of effort into being a support system for each other. To help you out, I compiled a list of 3 simple things that made it so that, our sisterhood was not only able to last throughout our programs, but “to infinity and beyond!"


1. Get to know each other

This may seem obvious, but a lot of CP’s spend most of their time with their coworkers, and not their roommates. Although you should put an effort into becoming friends with those at your work location, it makes your program go infinitely better, when your apartment can be a safe haven from the stresses that come along with life as a CP!

Possible ideas:

  • Go to each other’s work locations, ask about their role, and talk with them about home, school, friends, family, etc.

  • Have a group chat so you can share funny stories, coordinate schedules, and check in on each other.

  • GO TO THE PARKS WITH EACH OTHER (And just spend time together in general). I cannot stress this one enough. Roommates, who go to the parks together, stay together! Make group dinner reservations, go to character auditions, binge watch Netflix or Disney movies, go to the mall (or even… Universal) together! It will make all the difference in the world!

  • Make a bucket list of certain things you want to do, places you want to see, pictures you want to take, pins you want to trade, foods you want to eat, etc. and do it… TOGETHER!


2. Be there for one another

Being away from home, and family, and just regular life in general, can be quite the adjustment, but when you have people around you who you know you can depend on, makes all of those things seem a lot more manageable.

Possible ideas:

  • Help each other with tips and tricks. I.e. bussing, how to get around the parks, how to get fast passes, foods to try, etc. (I will forever be indebted to Katelyn, for introducing me to the Cronut!)

  • Be a listening ear for when your roommates are having a tough time. For example, one night after a particularly hard day at work, I found this sitting on my nightstand:

  • Wake up your roomie, when they sleep in past their alarm clock! (Bonus: If you have a car, give them a ride to work. You will VERY QUICKLY, win their heart!)

  • Celebrate birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions together.

And finally

3.Go the extra mile to be considerate and kind

Once again, this is super simple, but sometimes the easiest things get overlooked the most! Remember and live by the words of our dear friend, Cinderella, “have courage, and be kind.”

Possible ideas:

  • Clean up after yourself, and help with housekeeping items and chores.

  • Don’t steal food… No matter how good it looks!

  • Humor Each other. Story time: One time, we were at the MK, and Kat wanted to ride her fav ride, Haunted Mansion, for the millionth time, and the wait was wayyyy too long in my opinion… But we all went anyway, and to this day, that is one of our favorite inside jokes and memories!

  • Share snacks, ears, and clothes. Not only will this make all of your lives easier, but it will save you money, and who wouldn’t want that?

  • Love each other through the craziness. We all have our quirks. And lets be honest, Disney people have A LOT of them! But just love your roomies anyway, take pictures, laugh, cry, talk, sing, dance, and make memories together. I promise you, loving each other is the best way to go.

And that’s it, folks. Pretty stinkin’ simple! I personally, am so glad I took the time to implement these things into my relationships with the girls, because not only did I walk away from the DCP with a renewed love for Disney, and a lifetime of memories, but I also walked away with something even more priceless. Family.

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