How to Get the Most Out of Your Disney Trip During Peak Seasons

How to Get the Most Out of Your Disney Trip During Peak Seasons

In a perfect world, we could all go to the many Disney Parks around the world whenever we wanted, ride all the attractions, and experience all the magic that Disney has to offer without long lines to wait in or mobs of people to maneuver through. But however, we unfortunately do not live a perfect world and there are only certain times a year that we can go visit the parks which is usually during what is called ‘Peak Season,’ which are usually during the summer months and the weeks around Thanksgiving and Christmas.  

However, all is not lost! In this post, I would like to share with you some tips that can help you get the most out of your Disney trip during those pesky peak seasons.

Make A Plan

With the peak seasons comes the crowds of other avid Disney fans dying to experience the same magic and thrills as everyone else, my first tip would to be to make a plan of action for your day. Decide ahead of time what are the rides and attractions that you have to do. Make a list and rank how badly you want to do specific attractions. Also, don’t forget to consider shows and character meet-and-greets in your rankings, as those typically happen at certain times a day.


Take Advantage of Disney’s FastPass

Now that you have your plan of action, Disney’s FastPass Service is going to be your best friend. My second tip would be to get a FastPass for your top attraction first thing when you get into the parks, especially if it is a popular attraction like Pandora’s Flight of Passage or Disney California Adventure’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! Then as you go throughout your Disney day, use the FastPass Service for those higher wait time rides to be able to come back and ride that attraction later. 

*Also now through the grace of technology, Disney has introduced this new feature to the FastPass service where you can reserve your FastPasses for a specific attraction and what time you want to experience that attraction in advance using the Walt Disney World and Disneyland apps on your smartphone!


Skip the Parades & Shows

We Sisters absolutely adore Disney’s daily parades and nighttime shows but a trend I have noticed throughout my Disney trips is that during those events a lot of the more busier attractions have a shorter wait time during these shows. So if there is an attraction that never seems to shrink in its wait time, go ride it during a parade or during the firework show. You will encounter a shorter wait time and quieter crowd level that will allow you to check that ride off your bucket list.  


Stop and Smell the Roses

In all the hustle and bustle that peak seasons bring to Disney Parks, it is easy to get swept up in the all the craziness and stress. So my last tip is do not forget to enjoy your vacation and to stop and smell the roses at some point in your day. Even if that means stopping to get a refreshing Mint Julep from Adventureland and sitting down on a bench somewhere to take in the scenery.


Disney Parks aren’t just about the rides, shows, and characters. They are about immersing guests in a world or time to help them forget about the daily stresses and to just enjoy time spent with family and friends having fun together. That was, after all, Uncle Walt’s vision for Disneyland to begin with.

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