How to Dress Up for a Comic Con Event & Not Feel Stupid

How to Dress Up for a Comic Con Event & Not Feel Stupid

Have you noticed that people come out of their nerd closet more often? With such an influx of super hero films, comic book adaptations, popular fantasy book series, etc. the world doesn’t automatically shun nerds like it used to. More and more people embrace the stories and characters they can’t help but love!

I’m proud to be a part of the geek/nerd/fandom culture… life is just more fun! And good riddance to the mindset of the past being that only sports are cool and art/music/books/movies are lame. Whatever with those people.

Recently, Taylor, Jaycee, Lauren (one of our friends) and I came even further out fo the nerd closet than any of us had ever been! DUN DUN DUN. We all dressed up for FanX, Salt Lake City’s Comic Con Convention!

Now that I’ve experienced it, I wanted to share a little of what I learned to help you make the leap to dress up when you go to a comic con near you:

Plan in Advance

The more you plan, the more pumped you’ll be when the day of comes! Depending on your budget for your costume, begin by finding various pieces for your whole ensemble. Study the character’s look and notice the details that will give your entire look a feeling of authenticity.

Once you’ve bought and assembled all the pieces to your look, try everything on, practice your hair and makeup, and even practice some fun posing that fits your character!

Be a Character You Admire or Love

The more passionate you are about the character you want to portray, the better!

If shouldn’t surprise any of you that our first time dressing up for a Comic Con event, we decided to go as Disney princesses. We four (including one of our many honorary sisters, Lauren) recognize how many awesome females there actually are in Disney. So if any people were qualified to dress up as some of these heroines, it was us!

We decided to go the pre-princess route with our looks, as the princesses are most relatable at that point. Showcasing the each one as the hard worker, the patient and kind, the understanding, and the curious heroines they always were.

First up, Jaycee decided to become the original Disney princess who NEVER gets enough love, Snow White.

Jaycee admires her heart of gold and her readiness to accept and serve anyone. That no matter the situation she was in, Snow White never made a victim of herself.


One of my favorite princesses is the servant-turned-princess, Cinderella.

I’ve always loved her for her kindness, grace, patience, and courage. She’s inspired me through many dark times in my life to keep my chin up and be kind, even to those who would knock me down.


This mermaid got her legs to join us for FanX! The stunning Taylor dressed up as the ever curious and adventurous Ariel.

This sea princess has been one of Taylor’s favorites since her childhood. So when we found were able to borrow this adorable dress for the day, Taylor was more than willing to portray Ariel along with us!


And our honorary sister, Lauren, is a fierce friend and an intelligent book-lover, which made her the perfect Belle.

Lauren has always loved Belle, and related to her in many ways throughout her life. So it felt fitting for her to dress up as this Beauty for the day!


Safety in Numbers

This might sound silly, but I find I’m much more comfortable dressing up when I’ve got a fun posse with me. Also, it makes walking around the Expo and other areas more fun… you really make more of an entrance as a group.


You’re Not Alone

Honestly, most people dress up! Or at least it feels that way.

Being one of the many to dress up is like being a part of some secret awesome club you didn’t realize you signed up for. All those in costumes extend compliments to one another or even nod in understanding as they pass by. It’s so endearing, yet hilarious at the same time!

I didn’t realize how many people take hours of time to make their own costumes from scratch. They pay attention to every little detail.


Have a Photoshoot at Another LocatioN

Comic Con events are usually held in a large expo center. So think poor indoor lighting and cement or ugly carpeted floors. Not really the setting your character belongs in… right? Instead opt for at least one separate location that’s fun and current, or fitting for your character. A grassy field, stoney wall, even a modern building could be fitting.

This time round, we found a place that had a few different colored walls, and each perfectly fit our princesses color palette.


All in all, WHEN you dress up for a Comic Con event… just own it, embrace your geek, and just have fun!

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