How to Cram Park Time into Your DCP Schedule

How to Cram Park Time into Your DCP Schedule

Working for the Mouse was literally one of the most rewarding and fun things I did during my college years! I got to work as a Cast Member spreading magic and literal pixie dust on royal prince and princesses of all ages as well as meet the most wonderful people I now call my Disney Sisters! But with all that excitement on the job, there were times when relaxation was needed! The Disney College Program is amazing but at the end of the day, it is a job that requires a lot of out of you but allows you one unique way to have fun and let loose–park time! Park time was one of my favorite things to do by myself and with my other Disney Sisters. We rode rides, ate TONS of yummy food, watching amazing shows and all technically for free!

However, with your work schedule and the crazy hours that can sometimes deprive you of sleep, it can be hard cramming park time in there somewhere. Today, I want to share some tips on how you can cram park time into your DCP schedule.

Before & After Work

This may see a bit of an obvious tip but sometimes before or after work, life’s responsibilities like cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, ect. can get in the way! So if you really want to set aside some fun park time before or after work, get those responsibilities done ahead of time. That way you are free to explore, laugh, and play to your heart’s content! So pack a bag with your costume or extra clothes so that you can get in your park time and still make it in time for work!

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Asking Special Days Off

If too many responsibilities at home are getting in the way of park time, plan ahead and ask off specific days for fun adventures to the parks. Events like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and special events like Dapper Day can allow you to set aside specific time to visit the parks that is free of having to plan around work. Especially when you are bonding and creating those important relationships with roommates!


Small 1-2 Hour Trips

If your schedule is pretty tight, plan a simple 1-2 hour visit to a specific park or attraction and then head off to your responsibility that day. Jaycee and I did that one time at EPCOT just to eat some yummy food at the Flower and Garden Festival and then had our costumes ready to head off to work. Jaycee luckily didn’t have to travel that far since her job was at the Yacht Club! Sometimes a quick trips is all you need to relax and unwind before the next responsibility!

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Go with YOUR Flow

Honestly, there is never a perfect time, unless it is a day off, to go get in some park time. Sometimes you just have to jump in and do it! Often that yields the most memorable and fun adventures at the parks, I have found! Just go whenever you can and HAVE FUN while you’re doing it!

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