As Described by a Movie Quote: Our Love Lives

As Described by a Movie Quote: Our Love Lives

Let me preface this blog post with a little context. All of us sisters are at different points in our love life. Some are happily in love, and others (namely me, Jaycee) won’t marry a man we've just met. So as a fun–ny idea, we decided to describe our dating/love lives in one line from a movie. Here they are...

“A kingdom of isolation & it looks like I’m the Queen.”

Starting with myself, my beloved Queen Elsa and I relate on many levels. And this is most definitely one of them! Personally, I haven’t really dated or even tried to date recently! I’m happy to work and go to school. Among my classmates, I feel like the odd person in the room because I’m not married, engaged, or seriously dating.

But hey, that is okay since love will happen when it happens. But until then, “I’m alone, but I’m alone and free”.


“So this is love... So this is what makes life divine.”

Kat is currently head over heels in love with her dashing boyfriend. So it's no surprise that this sentiment from Cinderella matches her current love life. Only Erica has met Kat's Prince Charming, and from what we've heard, she highly approved of this prince.

Anyone hear wedding bells…?

“Chase the wind and Touch the Sky!”

Katelyn is currently just like the lovely lass Merida when she sings this line! As she recently returned from a church mission, where for 18 months she didn't date, flirt, or have anything to do with romantic relationships. All her focus was on all the awesome work and service she was doing!

So after such a long time of not being involved with that side of things, she's just wanting to fully experience life and touch the sky!

“Fairytales can come true. You gotta make 'em happen, it all depends on you."

Erica and Tiana are two peas in a pod! Both believe in fairytale beginnings and endings, they just know they have to do their part to make them happen! Neither one just jumps into anything simply because. They set a goal, work their darn hardest, and will do whatever they have to in order to reach the end goal.

Love will happen when the time is right, as long as they are doing their part.


“Just wonder when will my life begin?"

I'm taking a little liberty with this one about Taylor's current love life! As you all know, Taylor is currently still on her church mission. So like what was said about Katelyn earlier, well, Taylor is living that way now!

I think it's so much like Rapunzel in her tower. She has plenty to do there, but oh! She can't wait to get out and start her life! Her love life, that is!

Disney movies can relate to us on SO many levels. Amirite?! So this was just too fun to think through for all of us. What line would describe your current love life? Let us know in the comments!

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