Walt Disney World 101: Mobile Ordering

Walt Disney World 101: Mobile Ordering

Long gone are the days where you wait in crazy long lines to get your meals at Walt Disney World. With the introduction of Mobile Ordering, you can conveniently order your food on the MyDisneyExperience app from anywhere in the park, then simply let them know when you arrive and your food will magically appear at the counter, all while you get to skip the line!

The process is incredibly simple, this article will walk you through it step by step!

On the home page, under “My Plans”, click “Order Food” to begin. It will locate you in the parks and list the restaurants near you. Once you know where you want to order from, click on the restaurant from the list.


Once it loads, you will click “Order Food” again to initiate the actual order. You do not need to select a time to pick it up, it will list the arrival time between now and the last time to pick up an order available. Below, you will find a list of all foods available to order.


For each item you want to order, click on the item in the list. You can increase quantities and customize your selection (i.e., remove toppings). When you are ready to add it to the order, press “+Add”. After you finish adding all items, you will be directed to an order summary to review.


Once your order is perfect, scroll down to the bottom of the page. It will have suggested meal enhancements, a place to modify your order if needed, and then the button to finish reviewing your order. If you are ready to move on, select “Review Order Summary”. On the following page, verify everything is correct, then scroll all the way to the bottom.


At the bottom of the screen, you can add any discount codes and enter your payment method here. Check the box at the bottom to agree to the terms, and press “purchase”. Your order has been sent to the restaurant at this point, but will not begin being cooked until you let them know you have arrived.


After the order is placed, you will find your order details all ready to go. As you make your way to the location when ready for your food, you will press “I’m Here, Prepare My Order”. If you exit out of the order, you can find it again on your home screen of the MyDisneyExperience app.


Once you arrive at the restaurant and let them know you are there, your screen will update to let you know the meal is being prepared. As your food is ready for pick up, the screen will update again to let you know it is ready to be picked up. Make your way to the designated area in the restaurant and grab your food!


Mobile Ordering Pick Up Sign from Casey’s Corner

The process is incredibly simple and streamlined. Be sure to use this nifty feature in the parks the next time you are there and save yourself lots of time in food lines. Bon appetit!

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