A Guide to the Most Magical Dates on Earth

A Guide to the Most Magical Dates on Earth

Hey everyone, Erica here with a little intro! Today we have a fun post for you written by my good friend, Michael. He and Kelly (one of my BFF’s since high school) met during their Disney College Program in 2011 and later married (cue tears of pure Disney joy and love). This guy is HILARIOUS, kind, fun, and as Disney-loving as they come. Enjoy his guide for your future dates at Walt Disney World.


Hey everyone! I’m Michael!

As someone who found a wife on the college program, I am familiar with CP love. CP love is so unique, and so special.

“Wait, you actually met working for Disney?!” This is one of the most frequent questions I get asked.  People often think, “Man, you must have had some awesome dates!” Yes… yes we did. What exactly did we do, you ask? What are the best dates to do on the CP, you want to know?  Well, I will tell you…

Romantic Dates

Step One: Call and make a reservation for Tutto Italia in Epcot. Step Two: Dress fancy. Even though you have not left the greater Orlando area, you are feeling like you are sitting under a beautiful, Tuscany sky. Kelly and I did this and felt fancy, so we asked for our Dr. Pepper in wine glasses, pinkies out y’all. Step Three: Time your dinner to just before Illuminations. If your timing and seating are just right, you will be sharing dessert as Illuminations lights up the sky.

Another romantic date idea is to take your date to a restaurant of choice (don’t forget to make a reservation, if necessary), then head to your dessert reservations at the California Grill at the Contemporary. After splitting a dessert, and after enjoying a conversation, head to the top of Contemporary outside and enjoy a breath-taking view of the firework show. Kelly and I did this on a foggy, rainy night and it was still unforgettable.

This is Disney, so every date has to include a churro. After your churro, you can go for a ride on The Haunted Mansion. How is this romantic? It is a slow-moving ride in the dark with frequent stops 😉

*WARNING: Even in the dark, there are eyes on you at all times. So, smooch responsibly.


First Date Ideas

The Boardwalk provides a great opportunity to walk around and get to know each other.  After you leave Atlantic Dance Hall, you can grab some ice cream from Beaches & Cream and claim your spot on the bridge facing Epcot. Then, you wait. Soon enough, Illumnations will light up the night sky, making for a perfect end to your first date, and an opportunity to… you guessed it: kiss the girl.

Disney Springs is another place to walk around and get to know each other. Head to Earl of Sandwich for an affordable, but delicious first date dinner. Grab of sample at Ghiradelli’s and a milkshake to share. Take a risk, grab your boo’s hand and head to the other side of Disney Springs to take in a movie. Grab a souvenir to remember the night because that type of first date can get you wifed up.


Fun Dates

Every date is fun. But this is Disney fun. After walking into Hollywood Studios, take a quick ride on Tower of Terror. Then you grab your date, take them to get a carrot cake cookie and head to the Beauty and the Beast show. There is nothing like treating your beauty to a beast of a show. Sorry, I had to 😬

Staying on Hollywood Blvd, you have just had a wonderful dinner.  It is too late for dessert but too early to go home. What do you do?!  Well, grab a center seat for Fantasmic! This is a truly… fantastic…way to end an already perfect date.


Hope I gave you some ideas for your next date, whatever kind of date it is, at the Happiest Place on Earth!

Header Image from Matt Popovich

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