Our Top 10 Must Eat Sweet Treats at Disneyland

Our Top 10 Must Eat Sweet Treats at Disneyland

We previously covered our top 10 savory treats you can find at the Disneyland resort. So today, we bring to you our top 10 sweet treats. Counting down...

10. Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich | Carts Around the Park

This treat is a classic and can't be missed when you visit. We actually prefer it over the Mickey Premium Bar. You can find them all over both parks and in Downtown Disney. Grab one when you need a cool down!

Source:  Visit Anaheim

9. Cake Pop | Several Bakery Locations

Available in a wide variety, these little treats pack a sugar punch. I usually can't eat a whole one myself because that is how sweet they really are. But I feel like I missed something if I don't have one when I visit. 

8. Dole Whip | Tiki Juice Bar

Who goes to Disneyland and doesn't get a dole whip honestly? If that is you, be sure to fix that next time. It is the perfect balance of sweet and tart and will be sure to refresh you on a hot California day. 

Source:  Pop Sugar

Source: Pop Sugar

7. Mickey Funnel Cake | Hungry Bear Restaurant

Funnel cakes are found all around the park, but the best ones are at Hungry Bear Restaurant. Don't fool yourself by thinking you can eat it all on your own, this takes a team to finish off. 

6. Hand Dipped Ice Cream | Clarabelle's Hand Scooped Ice Cream

Ice cream is a staple item in Disney, but did you know you can customize it at this location? Be sure to get all the works on it!

Source: Us!

Source: Us!

5. Mint Julep | Mint Julep Bar

Need a refresh? The Mint Julep is the best option next to water. I could drink 10 of these a day!

4. Disneyland Churro | Carts Around the Park

Speciality churros, the famed Disneyland churro and churro's with dipping sauce, they are all good. Find them all around the parks and be sure to try as many as you can.

source:  Oh Sweet Basil

3. Mickey Beignets | Mint Julep Bar

These little treats are sweet but filling. They have special seasonal flavors throughout the year, but the classic are my favorite. Shake the bag really good to get as much powdered sugar on them as you can. 

2. Soft Serve Ice Cream | Cozy Cone Motel

On a hot day, there is nothing better than a chocolate soft serve ice cream cone. There is special toppings available as well such as crushed Oreo. 

1. Rose Raspberry Macaron | Jolly Holiday Bakery

This treat is queen among all others. I eat 2-3 a day when I visit, and that is no joke. The raspberries are plump and sweet, the macaron is just the right texture. It is unbelievably good. You are welcome for the recommendation. 

These are only a handful of the yummy sweet treats around the parks, but there are plenty more for you to discover and fall in love with. Be sure to pass along your favorites so we can try them as well!

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