Best Questions Cast Members are Asked

Best Questions Cast Members are Asked

As a cast member, you are often asked funny and entertaining questions. While it can be annoying at times, you just look to find the humor in your situation. Please enjoy some of the best and most infamous questions cast members are asked!

  1. What time is the 3 o’clock parade?

  2. Where is Harry Potter land?

  3. Do I get this for free because it is my birthday?

  4. How long is the wait (while the wait time sign is in front of them)?

  5. Do I get wet on this ride (while standing in front of Splash Mountain)?

  6. Where is Walt Disney’s head frozen?

  7. Are there secret tunnels underneath Disney?

  8. Isn’t there a bubble you can put over the park when it rains?

  9. Where is the other castle from Harry Potter?

  10. Are there alligators in there (Yes, yes there are)?

  11. Why is the line so long for this ride?

  12. Isn’t Christmas time suppose to be less busy? I thought people usually stayed at home.

  13. Where can I buy butterbeer?

  14. Star Wars is Disney?

  15. They don’t sell alcohol here (Standing in Disneyland Park)?

  16. Do you have to pay for FastPasses?

  17. Does this have melted butter in it? I am allergic to melted butter (only melted, not solid).

  18. Can I have a table? I’m sorry but we do not have any available. But I’m a club level room? I’m sorry, we still don’t have any tables available.

  19. Is it hot in there (Talking to Mickey)? No ma’am, Mickey’s house is air conditioned, just like yours.

  20. Look, it is Alvin and another chipmunk!

  21. Is that How To Train Your Dragon (pointing to Pete's Dragon in the Electrical Parade)?

  22. What is the turkey leg made out of?

Hopefully this made your day just a little bit better!

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