A Guide To Pixar Fest

A Guide To Pixar Fest

Festivals and special events have become a trend among Disney parks, but we don’t hear anyone complaining. With special merchandise, overlays, entertainment and food—it makes for a unique twist on Disney classics during your vacation and visit. The most current special event going on at the Disneyland Resort? Pixar Fest!

This festival is for the prep and celebration of Pixar Pier opening on June 23rd. It began its run on April 13th and is slated to finish up September 3rd, right before the Halloween season starts at the parks. The name should provide a pretty good idea of what this event has to offer—everything Pixar you could dream of! Here is your guide to conquer all that Pixar Fest has to offer.



 I’m starting here because this is probably the category that has the most to offer. I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of specialty food themed around Pixar they are offering. If you go to any food service location, you are bound to see a plethora of Pixar themed items.

Some of our favorite items we tried included:

  • The Chocolate Churro located at the Frontierland Churro Cart

  • The Pesto Pasta at Alien Pizza Planet in Tomorrowland

  • The Champion Corn Cup at The Cozy Cone in Cars Land

  • The Harryhausen's Chilled Noodle Salad at Lucky Fortune Cookery on the Wharf

  • The Ratatouille 3-course meal at Cafe Orleans in New Orleans Square

  • The Pixar Cake located at several locations including Plaza Inn on Main Street


But that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what is available during this event. And even better, more specialty items keep popping up all over the place.


There are 3 main spectacles that began or were brought back for this event.

Pixar Play Parade | This parade made its way over to Disneyland Park and includes some new floats and friends. It is expected to run in that location until September.

Paint the Night Parade | This parade returned in all her glory, but this time she is making her way around DCA. There will be a new float added later on into the festival. This parade is a can’t miss!

Together Forever: A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular | This is the newest firework show, viewable from several places around the Disneyland Resort. We suggest being on the middle of Main Street for your first viewing for a few surprises.


Disney has finally caught on that people LOVE specialty merchandise, so the options are endless with Pixar Fest. You can find all types of Pixar merchandise scattered throughout both parks and into Downtown Disney. Be sure to snag them while you can, because they will be sure to disappear come September.



As always, extra characters come out to play while festivals and special events are going on. You can find several of these Pixar friends around the parks, but be sure to check out Paradise Gardens for the main meet and greets. And coming this June, Edna Mode will begin greeting guests in the park for the very first time. But remember.. No capes!


There aren’t many rides that were given an overlay for this event, but one that will be sure to thrill is the new Incredicoaster. This is a new twist on the old classic California Screamin’. It is sure to be the hot new spot to visit. Mickey’s fun wheel is also seeing a new theme and soon will be Pixar Pal-A-Round. Your favorite Pixar friends will grace the sides of the Ferris wheel compartments.

Pixar Pier

The icing on the cake will be the grand opening of Pixar Pier, coming June 23rd. This is a permanent change to the existing Paradise Pier and in our opinion, is a great idea! There will be 4 neighborhoods hosted by different Pixar movies such as Monster’s Inc and Toy Story. It will include several new eateries, shopping experiences and entertainment. What was once a slow part of the park will no longer be true, this area is expected to fill you with all sorts of emotions!

Enjoy this festival as much as possible because it will be going away. Our number one recommendation? Try all the food you can! And soak it all in because it really is a fantastic special event at the Disneyland Resort.

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