Paint The Night Dining Package Review: Wine Country Trattoria

Paint The Night Dining Package Review: Wine Country Trattoria

With the recent return of Paint The Night Parade to the Disneyland resort, the crowds can be heavy and finding your perfect spot means sitting around for an hour or two before the parade. No one wants to waste any of their precious Disney time waiting around, but you also want to experience all the entertainment they have to offer—especially this spectacular parade.


We bring good tidings! As the parade returned, a dining package option came with it. Dining packages are very common throughout the Disney parks for various shows and parades: you can make a reservation at certain restaurants which includes a pre-set menu for the location and then preferred viewing areas to the certain show. The cost is typically $10-$15 more than you would normally pay at these locations. For a guaranteed decent spot with little wait, we always say a dining package is worth it!


Erica and I had the opportunity last year to enjoy a dining package at Wine Country Trattoria for World of Color. We enjoyed some of the food, but not everything, so we were excited to go back and see if they had made any improvements. We are happy to say that in fact, they did!

We dined during lunch time, though dinner time is available as well. We were promptly seated in the upper level of the restaurant. The menu is simple and is pre-set with a starter, an entree and a dessert as well as a non-alcoholic beverage included in the price ($38 per adult during lunch). There are a few upgrade options if you don’t see a starter or dessert you like.


Once we placed our orders, we received a warm bread basket and oil for dipping. The rolls were light and soft, the oil was great as well. We had both of the starters on the menu which were an Italian wedding soup and a wedge salad. My last time dining here I had the wedding soup and was in love. So I was delighted that it was available again! Erica’s wedge salad was light and refreshing, so overall both starters were yummy.


For our entrees, we had the salmon and the lasagna. The lasagna was the heavier of the two dishes and on a hot day, may not be the best option. I am a huge fan of anything pasta and cheesy, so I really enjoyed it. It was hearty though and I could only make it through half the dish before calling it quits. Erica enjoyed her salmon and felt that it wasn’t too heavy for a hot afternoon.


Once finished with our entrees, we had our desserts delivered. There was panna cotta and tiramisu. I personally liked the tiramisu more, but Erica leaned more towards the panna cotta. The tiramisu is very strong, so be cautious ordering this if you don’t love espresso. Overall the meal was delicious and I liked it much more than the first time dining here.


Upon paying for the meal, we were given 3 tickets for our return time to watch Paint The Night. The entrance is next to the DVC kiosk across from Bug’s Land. The viewing area spans from the waterfall all the way down to Wine Country Trattoria entrance. They ask you to arrive by 8:15pm for the 8:45 show. We entered the area at about 7:50 and had a front row spot for the parade. They will check for tickets periodically so no one else can enter and then will collect them right before the parade begins.

I am a big advocate for dining packages, I truly think they are worth the money. Paint The Night is a hugely popular show, so to save yourself some time, invest in the dining package option. It is also available at Carthay Circle if you are looking for a signature dining experience. And before you know it, you will be singing “When can we do this again?”

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