Shop Spotlight: Little Moon Dance

Shop Spotlight: Little Moon Dance

Introducing our newest blog post category, *insert drumroll, please!* SHOP SPOTLIGHTS! We love sharing with you what we love, so we want to introduce you all to, “Little Moon Dance”!

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Gabrielle, the shop owner, is an extremely talented artist and loves all things Disney! What’s not to love?! We had a Q&A with her and here’s what we found out:

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!
A: As I was attending BYU-I (as an Art History major) I met my husband, got married, and moved away from school (and failed miserably at online school). Although I never got my degree, I’m still passionate about the arts, and have always needed some way to express myself. In high school I composed songs on my piano and did a lot of poetry and short stories. But painting and drawing have been with me for as long as I can remember. I remember being a little kid playing in my backyard with one of my friends, and I paused to look at the sky, and said, “That looks like something Van Gough would paint!” So obviously, I’ve also always been into art history as well.

Other than art, I love all things fairytale and whimsical. A few of my favorite fairytales are Peter Pan, Rapunzel, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and The Princess and the Pea. I also LOVE the ocean but if I can’t get to one, I’ll take any waterfall, river, or lake.

As far as Disney goes, I’m a huge fan and always have been. My favorite princess has always been Ariel, but Aurora and Rapunzel have joined my favorites over the years. My favorite Disney movie is Peter Pan. I grew up having a DCA annual pass, and every so often we’d skip school and we’d go to the parks instead, as well as going on a lot of weekends and school breaks. But sadly, I haven’t been to the parks in almost 7 years now.

Q: What made you start an online shop?
A: My husband was the one who got me to do it. I never thought anyone would ever want my art. But he’s always believed in me and has been a huge support.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?
A: From my own childhood, Disney, and my children.

Q: Where all can we purchase your items?
A: Ha! So, there are a few places. My shop is my main shop, where you can find prints, pins, and commissions. But I also have my art on Society6, Spoonflower, Teepublic and Boom Boom prints.

Q: Advice for aspiring artists or other small shops?
A: Create the things you want to not just what others want. It’s important to stay true to you.

Q: Average price range?
A: An 8x10 print is $15 and that’s the most purchased size.

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All we can say is, “Wow!” Isn’t she the greatest?!  We hope you have come to love her as much as we do! Her prints are such a cute and affordable way to add a touch of Disney to your home and life! Some of our personal favorites are any of her “Small World” items, her “kiddo classic” prints, and all of her watercolors. Really, you can’t go wrong with anything of hers!

Well, there you go! Show her shop some love and follow her on Instagram. We promise, you won’t regret it!

AND as an added bonus, if you buy something from her shop... 

All imagery source: Little Moon Dance.

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