What the H*** Did We Just Watch? An Avengers: Infinity War Review

What the H*** Did We Just Watch? An Avengers: Infinity War Review

Before we get started... *WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD*

Okay now that we got that out of the way... let's have some fun shall we? 

There are many ways to describe Avengers Infinity War: an emotional roller coaster, people getting their butt’s kicked, a horror film, not what we expected and so many more. But as a general consensus of the sisters, our final thought was “What the H*** did we just watch?”

The Story

This movie is 10 years in the making! You have hints about Infinity Stones and Thanos himself from the very beginning of the Marvel universe. It is subtle at times, but each of the 18 movies truly work towards the story of Thanos achieving his goal—to destroy half of the universe.

Going into this film, I had no idea what to expect. I wasn’t sure who would survive, if Thanos would get all the stones, or what angle they would take. To say the least, I was very surprised at how they approached it. Essentially the entire film you watch the Avengers lose again... and again… and again. Never before in a film did I feel so emotionally exhausted after two and a half hours.

The shock for the audience was that Thanos does in fact succeed in his goal–he obtains all the Stones for the gauntlet, and with that power he kills half the people in the universe with the snap of his fingers. Within the last few minutes of the movie, you watch in disbelief as half of the Avengers disappear into nothing. Only to conclude with Thanos peacefully sitting on a planet by himself watching the sunrise.

And with all the unanswered questions, the emotions, the uncertainty for the characters within the Marvel universe… we get a black screen!

The movie will have you on the edge of your seat the entire time and you never really know what will happen next. And after it ends, all you can do is sit back and wonder what just happened.

The Characters

This film is PACKED with a lot of characters that each have an important role to play within the Marvel Universe. So how does a 2h 40m film showcase all these characters fairly? How does the story move along while also showcasing all big name characters/actors?

We say, it's a miracle! And of course, the work of the talented Russo brothers. They were able to break characters into groups (sometimes groups you wouldn't expect) and collectively, they work towards defeating Thanos. Though the group as a whole has the same goal, not all have the same way to accomplish it. So the film successfully jumps around quite a bit from group to group, showing each group of characters doing their part to bring down the greatest villain we’ve seen yet in the Marvel Universe.

With this film being so exhausting, we were all surprised at how much humor was in it. I didn’t stop laughing almost the entire time. The chemistry between certain actors is unbeatable (like Thor and Rocket), and the entire cast truly shines throughout the entire movie.

The Experience

This film is only the beginning of a two-part piece, so it leaves you with enormous cliffhangers. And while there are some things that some of us didn’t love or agree with, overall we were extremely happy with the film.

My suggestion is to see this movie twice. The first time, you are simply overwhelmed with everything going on. Maybe you’re even anticipating some specific deaths, like we all were? So a second viewing gives you the chance to invest yourself into the story and catch subtle hints dropped as foreshadowing throughout the long movie.

What’s Next

This is the question mark you are left with: how do they fix what just happened? And is there a way? The obvious answer is the time stone, but that has disappeared with Thanos into space. There are so many questions we have, such as...

  • Did Doctor Strange see the one way of winning, as actually letting Thanos succeed?

  • Will they go back in time? If so, how do they get the time stone back?

  • Did those who disappeared go to another reality? Or are they really gone?

  • Why did Thanos see Gamora as a child when she asked him if he succeeded? Was that a time jump? And if so, why is that important?

  • What is Captain Marvel going to be able to do to help them?

Whatever the answers may be, we know that Avengers 4 will bring us answers in a surprising way. I don’t foresee anyone being let down by the next film, not after so much time and effort went into this story over the last 10 years. I for one, am ready to see the answers we will get next year!

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