Disneyland Without Kids

Disneyland Without Kids

Hey everyone! It’s me, Lauren (Taylor’s sister) again with more tips for all your parents and couples our there!

My husband and I went to Disneyland without our kids. And you know what? We had so much fun! Does that sounds weird? I remember telling people right before we went that we were going to Disneyland without our kids to celebrate our anniversary. I got two reactions: One... Isn’t Disneyland for kids? Why would you go without your kids? OR two... That sounds like the best idea ever! Here are some of the reasons it was in fact the best idea ever!


1. You can focus on what you want to do.

I love my kids and I love seeing the magic in their eyes, but sometimes you don’t want to ride on the bumper cars you just want to eat a churro and window shop. Sometimes it’s important to do what you want for a little bit to remember who you are. 


2. You can stay up late and watch the fireworks.

I am one of those parents that won’t stay up late with their kids. When the kids are happy the mom is happy. And my kids aren’t happy if they are tired. We usually skip out on the fireworks so our littles are well rested and happy. So when we went without our kids we stayed up and watched the fireworks in Disneyland or World of Color in California Adventure.


3. You can go and eat at fancy restaurants.

When you go to Disneyland with your little ones you usually eat food they want to eat. There is always a picky eater you have to worry about. But when the kids aren’t there with you then you can go to the Blue Bayou or Ariel’s Grotto (RIP) and eat every course and not worry about what the kids need. 


4. You can focus on your significant other.

Something that I will remember forever is watching the fireworks while arm in arm with my husband. Same goes with watching World of Color standing at the very front. It was so relaxing and enjoyable to just be in the moment and focus on each other. 


This vacation was so fun because we were able to spend great quality time with each other. I was able to focus on him and have great conversations with him. We were able to walk hand and hand and remember who we were before our kids came. It is important to reset sometimes and for us we were able to do that by going to one of our favorite places on earth. We are a couple of kids at heart and Disneyland was the best playground.

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