Disneyland 101: MaxPass

Disneyland 101: MaxPass

*This article has been updated to reflect the new price of MaxPass.

We all know that Disneyland has a FastPass system free for all to use, right? But did you know there is in fact a cooler version you can pay a small fee for per day? It is the Disneyland MaxPass System. Essentially it is a similar digital version of Walt Disney World’s that allows you to create FastPasses from your mobile device, anywhere in the park.

Why Should You Get It?

The price tag comes in at *$15 a person, per day. For a larger family, that can add up. But we can guarantee it is worth it. Not only can you make mobile selections from anywhere in the park, but you also get all photopass images (on ride and in park) available to you.

Have you ever had a designated “FastPass” runner who would go all over the park to get the parties FastPass for you? But you can’t guarantee that the time you want is what is being distributed. Or you are in Disneyland park and need a fastpass for Soarin’? Well those issues all go away.

Imagine standing in Disneyland park during a magic morning at 8am. You plan on heading to California Adventure at 10am when it opens, but you know you have to leave early, so you can line up and get prepared to get a fastpass for Radiator Springs first thing in the morning. With MaxPass… that problem doesn't exist.

We experienced this exact situation on our most recent trip to Disneyland. But we had MaxPass! So at 8am after park opening, we jumped on our phones, made a Radiator Springs Racers FastPass for 10:35am while standing in line for the Tea Cups! We then went to DCA at park opening, rode Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT with little wait, had breakfast and then used our FastPass for Radiator Springs Racers all before 11am.

The benefits of MaxPass are worth the price you pay, we can promise you that much. So next time you are running around like a mad person trying to coordinate FastPasses for your entire party… stop. Jump on your mobile device and get a MaxPass for everyone.

How To Purchase

Purchasing is very simple and done from your mobile device. Here are screenshots to walk you through the entire process!

1. Download the Disneyland Park app.

2. Login to your account and link your ticket.

3. Click on your round Disney Icon (mine is Elsa). Then click on “Get FASTPASS with Disney MaxPass” under My Plans.

Purchase 1.PNG

4. Make sure all parties are linked. To do this, select “Link a ticket or pass” and then you can scan each person’s ticket you want to purchase and make selections for. Then select each person you want to purchase and plan for that day.

Purchase 2.PNG

5. Make sure that everyone is in the park, if they aren’t... it will not work.

Purchase 3.PNG

6. Once you finalize who is in the park and who you are purchasing MaxPass for, you will select “Continue To Purchase."

Purchase 4.PNG

7. Verify the “Buy Disney MaxPass for all guests” is checked,  and then click "Continue."

Purchase 5.PNG

8. It will show you the price, and verify who you are buying it for. Put in your payment method and be sure to check the terms and agreement box. Then click "Purchase."

Purchase 6.1.PNG
Purchase 6.2.png

9. You will be brought to a Confirmation Page, screenshot it and save the number in case of issues. Then you are good to begin making FastPasses!

Purchase 7.png

How to Use It

You have it bought, now what? Begin making your plans by selecting your first FastPass!

1. First, you will select the park you want to make plans in.

Plan 1.PNG

2. Once you do, you can scroll through the available rides and see the times they are distributing through. Select the ride you want by clicking on the time in the blue box.

Plan 2.PNG

3. You will get a "Congrats! Your selection is confirmed" message that shows how many guests, the time to return and when you can make a new FastPass selection.

Plan 4.PNG

4. To check your FastPass at anytime, you can go under “My Plans” and look at the info. You can also cancel your FastPass there, if needed.

Plan 5.PNG

5. Once you are ready to redeem it, the app will either notify you once you open it or you can select “Redeem Now” under “My Plans.”

Plan 6.PNG

6. At the ride, you will scan the barcode on the app for each member of your party and entire the FastPass line.

7. Enjoy your little to no wait time!

If you ever have questions or issues with MaxPass, be sure to ask a cast member, they will be more than happy to help. You will be surprised at how many rides you can get in during your day with the addition of MaxPass. And you can thank us later!

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