Disneyland 101: Mobile Ordering

Disneyland 101: Mobile Ordering

Disneyland is catching up on all the digital trends to make your vacation just a bit easier. You have Apple Pay in the parks, Maxpass on your phone and now you have Mobile Ordering! What is Mobile Ordering you wonder? It allows you to place an order for food at a quick service location, skip the line and pick it up at a designated time you pick yourself!

Good news, it really is so simple to use! Not all locations have it yet, but it seems like they are adding new locations constantly. Ready to never wait 30 minutes for a dole whip again? With Mobile Ordering, it does just that! First and foremost, you will need the Disneyland app and an account. Once that is set up initially, everything else is a breeze.

When you are ready to to place an order, simply open the app up and make sure you are logged in. You will then click the plus (+) sign at the bottom center of the screen. A list will pop up with several options on it, you will select “Order Food”.


It will then provide a list of all restaurants available for mobile ordering and suggest times for pickup. You can either select the current time for immediate pickup, or you can look at more times for a future order that day. Simply select the time and it will bring you to the screen where you build your order.


The menu is listed for you to see, with descriptions and prices of each item available. To add something to your order, click on what you want to add.

Once you click on the item, it will bring up a photo of it and a place to choose your quantity. If there are customizable options for the specific item, they will also be listed on this screen. Select your quantity and press “+Add”. It will then take you back to the full menu to continue adding items to your order.


If you have everything ready in your order, click “View My Order” on the menu screen. It will take you to a list of what you have currently in your order. Scroll down a little further and you can modify it if you forgot anything or continue on for final review if you have everything in your order you would like.

Once you click on “Review Order Summary”, it will take you to the check out page. It will confirm the information at the top of where you are ordering from and what your pick up time is. It will then list the items in your order. The next section is “Payment Method” where you can use a credit card stored to the account, or use a different card. After entering in your payment method, continue to scroll down. Enter in any promo codes if you have them and select “Purchase” when you are ready to finalize the order.


At this point, your order has been placed. You are given instructions on what to do when you arrive at the restaurant. You can stay on that “Order Details” screen, or it will be located on your home screen of the app if you exit out of it. As you arrive to the restaurant, press “I’m Here, Prepare My Order”. Continue to watch this screen and it will update when your food is ready for pickup. Find the sign that says “Mobile Order Pickup” and tell the cast member your name.


And just like magic, you have all the food in your hand and bypass the long lines during lunch and dinner rush! You can always go back and modify or cancel your order if you need to before alerting the restaurant of your arrival. Mobile Ordering adds such a connivence with a busy day in the parks, be sure to use it next time you are wanting that Dole Whip!

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