Walt Disney World 101: MyDisneyExperience

Walt Disney World 101: MyDisneyExperience

Walt Disney World in the past few years has incorporated some incredible technology into their parks and resorts. The overall title that it goes by is MyDisneyExperience. In layman's terms, it is your one stop shop for all things planning your WDW vacation. There are a few key parts to this technology and how to use it to your benefit. This article will help break it down and make things as simple as possible for using it.

There are three categories in MyDisneyExperience, all to help you plan the best visit you can. To begin using MyDisneyExperience, you simply need to visit www.disneyworld.com and create an account. This account is important, document the information when you sign up. Here it will allow you to make resort reservations, purchase and link tickets, make FastPass reservations, and much more.

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Plan and Manage

The first of the categories is to help you plan your vacation. Here is where you make all types of reservations and see documentation of them. It will allow you to view your full vacation schedule laid out day by day, see all reservations listed, and view/plan your FastPass+ options. See FastPasses and Dining Reservations for more information on how to use Plan and Manage.

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My Account

Here is all the information regarding your account. You can setup your personal info, connect with friends and family so you can plan vacations together, see what MagicBands you have that are active, and any annual passes you may possess.

A few tips here..

  • Make sure your account info is correct, that way Disney can mail information to your house and not someone else's.

  • Connect with friends and family as soon as you can. By linking, you are able to make plans together such as FastPasses, dining, and even share photopass purchases. Once connected, you will remain linked until you decide to remove them.

  • Deactivate every MagicBand except the one you plan on using. It makes things run much smoother and can eliminate possible problems with your vacation.

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When you have a photo taken inside a Disney Park, you will now be able to access them via MyDisneyExperience. You can purchase select photos for print or download and any extras that go with them. You will be able to view all photos taken, there will be a watermark present unless you pre-purchased the photos.


The App

While the web-based access is great for MyDisneyExperience, the app becomes the most useful inside the park. It will provide maps, wait times, character locations, and much more to you. It will also list all the information you have in your MyDisneyExperience such as FastPass and dining reservations. Download this app beforehand, it will make your visit go much smoother. You can even use the app to make your next FastPass, mobile order food for select quick service locations, look up what dining reservations are still available, and download your purchased photos directly to your phone.

Before you start planning your next Walt Disney World vacation, familiarize yourself with MyDisneyExperience. By doing so, you will make your planning much simpler and enjoyable. If you have any specific questions, feel free to comment them below and we will answer them!

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