Satu'li Canteen Breakfast and Lunch Review

Satu'li Canteen Breakfast and Lunch Review

If you ever find yourself 4.4 light years away, we have a stop you cannot pass up. It’s a little place called Satu’li Canteen on the moon Pandora. It is a very easy journey to make, you take a left at the Tree of Life, head over the bridge into Pandora, and go to the back right side. Pretty easy journey for 4.4 light years right?

This location is open for breakfast (seasonally), lunch, and dinner. The lunch and dinner menu are identical, but breakfast has a separate menu. The food here is incredibly fresh and unique, you will not be disappointed. Not to mention, the environmental design is both stunning and unique. 



I had the chance to eat breakfast here before they made the decision to make it seasonal. And what a sad day that was! This breakfast was hands down one of the most incredible meals I have tasted in Disney World. I was traveling with my father, and we made it a priority to stop by Satu’li Canteen. I ordered the french toast kids meal ($4.99) and my father ordered the pork hash ($8.99). The french toast was decent, but the sauce on top was the real winner- blueberry cheesecake. The kids portion is 1 slice with a side of sausage, the adult portion is 2 slices and a side of sausage.


But it was the hash that impressed us the most. A mix of veggies, potatoes, and meat, it was full of flavor and very satisfying. I also ordered the Pandoran Sunrise ($4.49) which I crave all the time! This drink is a mix of juices and melon Powerade. Need an electrolyte boost in the Florida heat? Order this refreshing drink.



Later, I had the chance to test out the lunch/dinner menu. I was traveling with several people this time around, so we were able to try out many different dishes. The beauty of the lunch and dinner menu is it is extremely customizable. You select a base, a meat, and a sauce. I mixed the multi-grain rice, wood-grilled chicken, and creamy herb dressing. This was hands down the most fresh and satisfying meal I have ever had at a Disney quick service location.

There are 4 meat options, 4 base options, and 3 sauces available. Aside from the bowls, they have steamed buns called “pods”. If you are having a hard time deciding what to try, there is a sampler platter for 4 people. Bowls are prices from $10.99-$12.99.

It wouldn’t be a trip to Disney if you didn’t order dessert- this location is no exception. There are two options, a blueberry cream cheese mousse and chocolate cake. While both are yummy, the chocolate cake was the winner for all of us who tried it.


If you are looking for a healthy alternative in Animal Kingdom, Satu’li Canteen is the place to visit. It is extremely popular so be sure to utilize the mobile ordering to save time.

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