It all started when...

One fateful Monday afternoon, we were five strangers that met in person for the first time. We had each been accepted into the Disney College Program (DCP), and had connected via Facebook groups before arriving to our new home in Orlando, FL. Individually we came from different places and experiences, but we had one thing in common, a love for all things Disney! Typically DCP roommates don’t get along, let alone bond. But the five of us quickly clicked.

And here we are, still Disney sisters who travel together, play together, and are always chatting. We are all very blessed to go on Disney vacations, whether it is with each other, family, or friends. We count our lucky stars each time we experience anything Disney.

There are five Sisters: Erica, Jaycee, Kaitlyn (goes by Kat), Katelyn, and Taylor. We are all previous cast members–go #DCP2015–at the Walt Disney World Resort. Among us we had various roles across the parks and resorts, and not one of us had the same role. We bonded over leisurely rides on the PeopleMover, mini corn dogs from Casey’s Corner, and enjoying the sun on the hub grass. After our program ended in April 2015, we moved back to pursue college degrees, careers, and other various life goals. We occasionally have been able to sneak in trips to see each other, and even a few Disneyland trips. But no matter what, we are all still sisters at heart.

Our own magic happened in January 2017: we created Sisters from Disney! In January 2019 we rebranded and became Sisters & Disney. We are hoping that this will help us not only remember the unique experiences we are blessed with, but also help others in their travels and finding the magic in everything they do.

Enjoy, and have magical day!